Our Mission

The mission of Calm Acres is to improve the well-being of individuals through customized equine experiences.


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About Us

Calm Acres at Meadow Creek Farm is a facility in Carroll County, Maryland that offers sessions in equine assisted learning. This work has a history of validation by physical therapists, physicians, teachers, and parents as a successful way to help people grow and learn.  It has been demonstrated that horses have an amazing power to unlock human potential.  We provide an environment where participants can relax, learn, and grow as they interact with this amazing animal.


I am Teresa Perrera. I bring over 45 yrs of experience to the program and have certification as an Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Therapy (eagala.org) and with Greg Kersten's OK Corral Series (okcorralseries.com). I started Calm Acres after I witnessed the profound effect my horses were having on individuals with and without disabilities.  When I researched other programs in the area I realized our approach is unique and a beneficial service that I could provide.  In all that I do with my horses, my goal is always centered on providing a space for people to learn where they feel safe, secure, relaxed and calm. I have created that here at Calm Acres.


About Our Horses

Our horses are safe, quiet and completely tuned in to the individuals they work with.  They are all different breeds, genders and ages.  There is certain to be a horse at Calm Acres to meet the needs of the individual involved in a session.  Our horses are most definitely the Calm Makers at Calm Acres.



Sessions with the horses are booked in one hour increments at a cost of $60/session for non-riding and $70/session for riding and can be scheduled weekly or every other week.



Interested in visiting Calm Acres at Meadow Creek Farm?  Call 443.508.8005 or email Teresa@themeadowcreekfarm.com to schedule a meet and greet. We look forward to hearing from you!