What Makes Us Different

Sessions at Calm Acres are conducted with horses. Our horses give individuals the opportunity to connect with another living being, as well as the other members of their team.  This is extremely important to any individual’s development.  For most, this companionship (both with their horse and with other participants) is particularly invaluable as it allows them to build confidence which may later bridge to increased social interaction with others.

Horses are non-judgmental, give affection unconditionally, and provide opportunities for physical and emotional growth. This includes strengthening muscles through grooming, barn chores and general work around the horses. Horses promote confidence and self-esteem while motivating individuals to interact and get stronger.


Our farm is nestled in the hills of Carroll County which allows participants to enjoy fresh air, the songs of birds and all that nature has to offer. Just about anyone can benefit from participating in equine assisted learning and activities here. At Calm Acres we offer a variety of experiences and activities that help us stand out in the crowd.


1:1 interaction - While we welcome group and peer interaction, we also realize that sometimes that type of interaction can be uncomfortable for all individuals.  Each session is customized to the individual we are helping. When the appropriate opportunity arises, we work to include other individuals in a session. 


Craft Barn - Sometimes we are unable to work with the horses due to inclement weather. Our Craft Barn offers us a place to escape the weather and create.  Art, projects, crafts and musical instruments give us many meaningful activities to engage our creative side. Most of the items we create are used on the farm.  


Enclosed Sensory Trail - We have created a sensory trail for rides and hikes with the horses.  During

the guided trail ride or hike, individuals are able to experience the many colors, sounds and smells of nature.  We have also included wind chimes, flags, pin wheels and kites for increased sensory input. 


Sensory Swing - We have included a sensory swing on the trail. Equipped with both a belt swing and a platform swing, the Sensory Swing offers a place where individuals can enjoy a sensory activity in the heart of the woods.  


Raised Garden Bed - We have added a raised garden bed where visitors can help tend the garden. We have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and green beans. We also have a colorful wildflower patch. Taking care of the garden gives a sense of inclusion and picking items to feed the horses adds a bonus activity.  


Our Horses - Our horses have been involved in this work for several years. They are completely tuned in to the needs of our visitors.  They are safe, gentle and sensitive. 


Our horses are the "calm makers" at Calm Acres.